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  1. Discuss the rules with class make sure all of them understand
  2. Explain the court set up, boundries and what kind of movement is to be used
  3. Play a few practice rounds till the class understands.

Overall most of the children understood, communicated and cooperated during the game.
Initally there were a few problems with understanding boundries and strategic play. The children were
not used to playing within confined spaces and using skills such as throwing, kicking etc within a much small space than they are used to.
A few practice rounds were played and each round questions were asked and an understanding of the game was formed by the class.

Skills used during benchball include:


  1. Discuss what road safety is, brain storming as a class
  2. Discussed why road safety is important
  3. Discussed road rules eg. cross at pedestrians, keep to the left, DO NOT JAY WALK, look left, right, left before crossing and cross with an adult all the time.
  4. Task: Drawing and identifying road signs eg. STOP, PEDESTRIAN etc.

The children were able to easily identify and name many road signs, they also had a good understanding about what road safety is and
why it is so important. Most of the class had some sort of understanding in relation to road rules and how to cross the road properly.
They understood the dangers that cars and public transport pose to any pedestrians if road rules are not followed.
The lesson ran smoothly and the students were interested during the entire lesson as it was explained how road safety affects personal safety.
The task was relatively easy, though some road signs were not understood by the class and needed to be explained. All in all the lesson was a success.